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Self-adhesive label

Расчет стоимости термоусадочного колпачка:


Наличие отрывной ленты
Наличие тиснения
Наличие флексорисунка
Наличие топ-диска
Цена: 3.95 1000 шт.

Клише для тиснения – 30 €
Флесоформа – 50 €
Кангерв с логотипом – 40 €

Self-adhesive label

Self adhesive labels are used for practical and decorative purposes. It can perform the marking function and must contain an item description and it's annotation. In addition, this component makes for easier sorting of products and can be used as decorations for all kinds of industry.

This type of labels are made on the basis of different materials, such as: different types of glossy, semi-gloss materials, matte and metalized paper; nylon and synthetic patterns, as well as film materials. The product can be easily applied to the package, because in the device of labels is used practical layer of non-toxic glue that is able to take the form of a surface of the package and maintain static position for a long time.

Besides, this part of the packaging has a protective layer, which succesfully withstands many adverse external factors. Its use does not harm the quality of the product, so self adhesive paper is widely used for packaging of food and industrial products. 

The production of these products involves the possibility of drawing pictures and graphic images on the surface of the label.For the creation of original stickers is commonly used perforation, varnishing, embossing, die cutting and other modes.

ESPACO company produces adhesive labels that can be ordered with all the features of the customer products, as well as models of design that has been selected for packing. The appearance of those stickers that will decorate your products has a particular importance. This is a kind of auxiliary tool that is used for complement of an aesthetic image of the packaging and messaging with all useful information about the product.