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Rewinding and cutting of roll materials

Расчет стоимости термоусадочного колпачка:


Наличие отрывной ленты
Наличие тиснения
Наличие флексорисунка
Наличие топ-диска
Цена: 3.95 1000 шт.

Клише для тиснения – 30 €
Флесоформа – 50 €
Кангерв с логотипом – 40 €

Rewinding and cutting of roll materials

Company ESPACO produces the cutting materials with the use of professional equipment. This type of work is performed at the final stage of creating any printing products. Rolled materials significantly accelerate the process of creating of different products used in visual advertising, as well as in industry: billboards, posters, newspapers and magazines. Cutting materials takes place through a cyclic process, in which you can make quickly and qualitatively similar in shape details of the product.

This process makes possible to install different cutting material formats depending on the design of the final product. Typically, this process should be performed at the finishing stage, and after that the finished material, which has acquired the necessary form, can be used for its intended purpose. Another one company service is fast rewinding representing a complex technological process for unwinding the large rolls of materials for further use in the production of packaging.