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Printing on a flexible packaging

Расчет стоимости термоусадочного колпачка:


Наличие отрывной ленты
Наличие тиснения
Наличие флексорисунка
Наличие топ-диска
Цена: 3.95 1000 шт.

Клише для тиснения – 30 €
Флесоформа – 50 €
Кангерв с логотипом – 40 €

Printing on a flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is the best choice for products of wide consumption. It has a solid, plastic form, which allows products  to maintain its perfect appearance for a long time and regardless of the circumstances. Moreover, the products will look more attractive because the flexible packaging materials are suitable for flexographic printing, which gives manufacturers the opportunity to create an original wrapper for their goods.

This type of package for products has low weight that makes the choice in it's favor more preferable, because buyers are more willing to buy light products than those which has an inconvenient and unnecessarily heavy wrapping. Bright interior printing on the package makes the product more noticeable. It is ideal for creating an individual style of the brand.

ESPACO company will give you a choice of flexible package and printing. The most frequently used - flexo-printing is performed on modern printing equipment and is able to create images of any complexity. 
Make your products really original! Packaging is the first thing that meets the buyer while selecting the goods.