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Aluminium foil lids

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Цена: 3.95 1000 шт.

Клише для тиснения – 30 €
Флесоформа – 50 €
Кангерв с логотипом – 40 €

Aluminium foil lids

Espaco SMC company offers foil cutting with the use of universal heat seal lacquer of two types of sizes - 75.5 mm and 95.5 mm.
Platinka is a cover from aluminium foil intended for sealing of plastic cups for different types of products such as cultured milk products, instant soups, jelly and various others. High demand for aluminum foil is determined by a set of technical properties that provide a competitive advantage of this material: 

• Barrier properties that prevent the penetration of moisture, oils, fats, petroleum products, the majority of everyday occurring in life chemical compounds, oxides, gases and vapors, microorganisms, light and UV radiation, can ensure the product quality and eliminate its losses.

• Hygienic properties — foil is resistant to packed products, eliminates the painting and can't change the products taste and smell.

• Heat resistance and thermal conductivity give the possibility of heat treatment, products sterilization and heat seal of packaging.

• Opacity allows to protect a packed product from oxidation of fats.

• Ability of reflection.

• Resistance to low temperatures allows the storage of deep frozen products.

• Recyclability for the secondary use.

• Strength and durability.

• Compatibility with food products and medicines.

Foil with heat seal lacquer coating:

• Thickness 38 μm • density 107-110 g/m2

Application areas:

• Aluminum foil with a universal heat seal lacquer is used in production of heat sealable covers for packing of wide range of food products in PS/PP cups, PET, PVC and laminated carton (PE carton).

Recommended indicators (temperature/time/pressure) sealing mode:

• for PS – 180t/1. sec/4 bar • for PP – 240-280t/1.0 sec/4 bar

For our clients we offer 1 type of embossing for cap-sealing covers:

• Embossing "orange peel".